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Find your brand voice. Break through the noise. Stand out from the crowd.

Creative Communications

Whether you’re creating a brand book, brochure or an EDM, Hero delivers targeted, creative communications for any medium.


Art Direction Production

From ideation to conceptualisation, Hero has the vision, creativity and experience to capture your brand and bring it life, whether it be in still photography or a moving image.


‘Content is king’ and we couldn’t agree more.

Hero knows the importance of creating quality, unique and authentic content that is relevant and entertaining, which has the power to convert and acquire new customers.

Content Strategy


Creative, engaging and on-brand;

Hero will find the right words to share your brand story, that will really speak to your audience on any platform.


Building a community and creating a two-way conversation on your social channels requires a thorough understanding of your customer and what makes content engaging and most importantly, sharable. Hero takes the mystery and confusion out of algorithms, hashtags and shadow banning and focuses on increasing your brand awareness and brand engagement.

Social Media Management



End-to-end event management, Hero creates unique, engaging, on-brand and memorable events, ensuring every detail (no matter how big or small) is considered.


From distributing press releases, to influencer engagement and managing media launches, Hero creates 360 degree, fully-integrated and strategic PR campaigns to tell your brand story with targeted media to achieve the greatest reach and deliver the strongest results.


Public Relations

Supporting Start Ups

Anyone who has built their own business from the ground up, knows just how hard the journey can be, and sometimes it may just take a hero to help out. Hero is passionate and dedicated to working with start-ups, whether it be providing creative support for brand development and direction, new brand communications or a strategic marketing launch campaign.

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